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Terms and Conditions

Here you'll find information Hammerhead Scenic Tour's (HST) cancellation policy, deposit return policy, insurance policy, and much more.



All online, email, phone, or otherwise tour reservations are only tour requests, and not confirmed tours. Reservations are only confirmed if:


For multi-day, privately arranged, custom, or group tours, a deposit of $500.00 (CAD) is due to reserve and confirm the selected/arranged tour. Deposits are due upon confirmation of the tour. Any multi-day, privately arranged, custom, or group tours arranged with less than 30 days in advance, must be paid for in full to complete tour confirmation.

Deposits can be paid for online via PayPal (Visa, MasterCard), or using Interac ETransfer

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Tour Payment

All tours must be paid for, in full, to complete tour confirmation prior to their operation. No tours are assumed confirmed if full payment has not received prior to the scheduled or reserved tour date. Multi-day, private, custom, or group tours are due the full amount at least 60 days prior to the confirmed tour date. Full-day and half-day tour fees must be received, in full, at least 15 days prior to the confirmed date. If tour reservation or scheduling takes place with less than 15 days prior to the tour date, tour fees must be paid, in full, upon confirmation.

All transactions are in Canadian dollars, and include all applicable taxes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Interac ETransfers, and in special, pre-arranged circumstances, cash and cheque as forms of payment.

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Cancellation and Refunds

Due to large variability in tour bookings, the number of people seeking tours, extreme weather, or other circumstances which may require the cancellation of a tour, Hammerhead Scenic Tours reserves the right to cancel confirmed tours. In the small chance a confirmed tour is cancelled by HST, full refunds will be issued, and every effort will be made to find alternatives to the cancelled tour.

For all standard, full-day or half-day tours, full refunds, less a 5% admin fee, are guaranteed if the confirmed tour is cancelled by the client at least 15 days prior to the scheduled tour.

HST strongly recommends that all travellers purchase traveler insurance. Most insureres will cover the cost of paid-tours im the event of late cancellation. Click here to view a list of travel insurers.

Custom & Multi-day Tours

For all multi-day, private, custom or group tours, full refunds, less a 5% admin fee, are guarnateed if the confirmed tour is cancelled by the client at least 30 days prior to the scheduled tour. Confirmed tours cancelled with less than 30 days until the scheduled tour will not recieve a refund. All cancellations require a written notice.


Preparing and finalizing an itinerary requires attention to detail and is time consuming. We need to ensure that you are serious about your trip and our services. If we've confirmed the dates and locations, it means we GUARANTEE our service to you on those days. This requires us to cancel any unconfirmed tours or refuse to take any other bookings on those days. We appreciate your understanding.

** DUE DATE for FINAL PAYMENT is 60 Days prior Tour Departure**

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Intinerary Changes

It may be necessary for HST to request date adjustments on reserved or confirmed tours. Though this is an unlikely event, HST does reserve the right to formally request changes to reserved or confirmed tours.

Seating, Special Needs, and Smoking

All tour seating is based on a first come, first serve basis.

HST will make every effort to accommodate a variety of special needs. Advisement of the special needs must be made prior to the tour date.

Smoking is not prohibited during the driving portions of the tour. Patrons are welcomed to smoke in designated smoking areas, at all stops.

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Website & Social Media Content

As part of HST's tour expedition policy, all patrons may or may not be involved in the taking of photographs, videos, or other digital media capture. HST may use images, videos, or other digital media which contains your likeness, on the HST's website, and/or HST social media accounts.

All digital media, posted to the HST website or social media accounts, containing your likeness or otherwise, is the property of HST. Patrons are welcomed to participate in the 'sharing', 'tagging', 'liking', or other social media interactions with posted content. Other use of HST content that is not considered personal, must be approved for by HST, in writing, prior to usage of content.

Individuals may request to have any digital content containing their likeness be withheld from exposure on any HST website or social media accounts, by requesting, in writing (email), the content be withdrawn.

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Assumption of Risk

Patron assumes all risk when consenting to participating in any activities during any HST tour. This includes activities which are designed as apart of a tour's schedule, such as hiking, posing for pictures, etc., and includes any activities the patron chooses to partake in on their own accord, outside of the tour schedule.

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